Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mammaw update

OK, so I got the story all wrong. Mammaw decided on her own to go by Mammaw, in tribute to her mother Fran Knox, who was "Mama" (pronounced "Mawmaw").

Here's Mama from Christmas a few years ago. She's since gone home to the Lord. Quite a woman, apparently, with a fascinating family history. I really wish I'd gotten to know her better. I guess I'll have to wait a spell. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving trip

We're of course immensely thankful for all we have, and all that God has blessed us with (and the floods, earthquakes, etc. kept away from us!). Here in this life, we have loving families and our beautiful Ellie (Elizabeth! quoth the mother) to care for and raise. And after this life, of course, we have an eternity of fellowship with Christ Jesus through God's grace.

Yet in light of that, we're still pretty disappointed with the last week. We were in Cincinnati on Wednesday when we got word (fairly randomly -- Tina heard it from a woman in a store) that an Alberta clipper was making its way toward Cleveland for Thanksgiving morning. We did our best weather-predicting and decided it wasn't worth the risk to take Ellie through that kind of weather. Were it just us & Snickers, we'd've taken the chance, but not with the baby. So we nixed the journey up north and didn't get to see my family. Apparently, it was a pretty wise move - from Medina on up, the weather and the driving got pretty rough, from what I heard.

So we'll do our best to make it up at Christmas, but it would've been nice to be there this weekend.

Ellie & Pappaw

Here's Ellie and her Pappaw, also known as Tina's father Phil.

Phil's lucky...he's been on the giving and "receiving" ends of World Vision gifts this year...have youPosted by Picasa

Ellie & Grampa

Here's Ellie and her Grampa, also known as Tina's stepdad Ron (or Ronnie or Blackie or whatever...virtually everyone in the Tri-State area knows him as something).

(Tri-State here means Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. There are probably many many "tri-state areas" across the country. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 21, 2005

Mammaw and Ellie

The first kid in the family gets certain privileges by default. Nicholas started calling his grandma "Mammaw," so that's her name. And now she's Mammaw to all the kids.

Here she is with Ellie. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

Someone's not happy...

...but Ellie looks pretty smiley, eh? (For the literal-minded among my readership: no, not really, I'm kidding.)

She'd gotten quite a few pictures taken and I think she was hungry (hence the bib).

(By the way I only mention the literal-mindedness because an early, post-Super Bowl post criticized Terrell Owens quite dryly, and some among my readership didn't get the joke.) Posted by Picasa

Nice close-up profile

I wish I'd gotten this without the bottle. But we have to take pictures of what's really happening. (until I get Photoshop, that is, and then I can make pictures of whatever I want.)

This was taken in color but I used a filtered B&W effect in Picasa.

Her eye is just perfect. So's her nose. And her cheek, and her eyebrow & lashes, and... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who knew?

We tried some rubber nipples, rather than the silicone ones we'd been using. Huge difference...Ellie eats a lot faster. Like 7 minutes to eat 3 ounces rather than 25ish minutes. Huh.

I don't know if the rubber ones flow faster (I'm not about to test!) or she likes the taste (her pacifiers are rubber) or what...but we'll be getting more rubber ones.

By the way

DSL is back up.

I wouldn't have uploaded those pics by dial-up.

Another pic of the gown

Here's an artsy blue one.

Neat-o. Posted by Picasa

Ellie in Tina's Christening gown

We tried to get a look-alike pic of Ellie in Tina's gown to match the one Tina has.

But instead we got this big ol' smile.

I'm happy with this. Posted by Picasa

Here's a grin

Here's Ellie after a good feeding. Ignore the Cincinnati Reds's only good to puke on.

Similarly, she's been using White Cloud Diapers lately. Happily, they're adorned with the "art" of John Lennon. What better to poop on? Posted by Picasa
Sorry no posts lately...DSL modem is down. Also, we'll be out of town next week for Thanksgiving so it may be a little while until we get some regular updates posted.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

World Vision

I've replaced the Google Adsense stuff at the top & side with banners for World Vision, a worldwide Christian charity involved in a whole load o' good works. Tina and I sponsor a girl in Ethiopia through WV, and the Michigan State PhD students in Accounting sponsor a girl in Sri Lanka, too.

Plus, for Christmas this year, Tina and I have decided that rather than buying each other some worthless trinkets we've never needed and will just give away later or put on a shelf and dust every six months or so, we're going to buy a goat for a family somewhere who needs milk, food and income.

Click on the banners or a link in this post and see what you might be able to do for someone. None of this is for our "aren't we so generous" glory...but rather to give WV a little push and publicity, and to encourage a few people to think about the options of child sponsorship and the giving of gifts to those who truly need.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Here's a better view, although I'm not sure why it's so oddly angled. Maybe Tina was falling over when she took it. Posted by Picasa

Ellie's toy

This is Ellie with her kick-toy, or whatever it's called. She kicks a bar at the bottom and some rollers spin, like a slot machine.

She does it for minutes on end. (Hey, she's only 2 months old...she doesn't do much for minutes on end except cry when she's hungry.) Posted by Picasa

I'm ready for my close-up

Just a whiff of a smile there. She smiles bigger and sticks her tongue out at her mommy now.

That's not very nice, is it, Ellie? Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ellie's new best friend

Here's Ellie's new friend, courtesy of the magic fingers of our friend Debbie Antone. As soon as Ellie saw Ann, her face lit up and she reached out to her.

They even called each other to make sure their clothes matched on the day they met.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Posted by Picasa