Thursday, October 21, 2004


A friend of mine chided me for the bias in the links on the side.
Well, yeah...I'm keeping this fairly unbalanced.

Look, I know I'm not Catholic, and so according to John Kerry that
means I don't believe abortion is wrong. But he's as wrong as he can
be, and I do believe abortion is murder for convenience (let's leave
aside the standard exceptions - I've yet to see evidence that these
exceptions happen enough that they're worth the time it takes to bring
them up, but I'll certainly look at it if I see it).

The only reason this blog has a reason to exist is because Tina and I
haven't been able to conceive. And yet, according to Bethany, some 25%
of all conceptions in the US end in abortion. Thousands of babies a
day are anesthetized and dismembered, and yet our home, where any one
of those people would be welcomed, loved and protected from all sorts
of harm (intentional or otherwise), and not considered an
inconvenience, has only the two of us.

So yeah, I only link to those who celebrate life. For that I shan't apologize.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

First post

So we've decided to adopt a baby from Korea. We're using Bethany Christian Services, who seems really professonal and experienced.

Why Korea?

  • Domestic adoptions have the heart-breaking potential for birth mothers to change their mind, and they take almost as long. Not good for us.
  • Korea doesn't require unreasonable paperwork or, more importantly, travel. We can pick up the baby at the Detroit airport.
  • Due in part to the lack of travel, Korea is about the cheapest place to get a baby (legally, anway). Total cost should be about $18,000.
  • Um, $18 big ones is the cheapest? Yup. Plus, some places (notably Colombia and Russia) want you to be there for weeks at a time. We're not in a position to do that right now.
  • Korean orphans are kept in foster care, not orphanages. So their health is probably better. Plus, they provide a lot of information about the care and treatment. More info = better.
  • A baby who needs help is a baby who needs help. Why not Korea?