Thursday, June 30, 2005

Totally off topic

I cannot believe the Cavs hired Danny Ferry to be their general manager. Not that he'll be a bad one - he was VP of Hoops Operations for the Spurs, who had a pretty dang good season this past year. (They also have Duncan and Parker and Ginobili.)

I just can't believe that Cleveland hired him. Wow. That's either loads of guts or just total complete blissful ignorance.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh, by the way

Tom Cruise is a bleedin' moron.

Here's a guy whose entire career is based on looking good and saying things other people have written for him, pretending to be fictional characters other people have created. So he's a perfect Scientology victim - he's used to being what other people make up and tell him to be. Why anyone asks his opinion on anything baffles the mind. He hasn't demonstrated a single bit of intellect in his entire life - why should anyone expect him to know the first thing about anything?

The topper of it all - he's the guy who divorced Nicole Kidman. I mean this dude was married to Nicole Bleedin' Kidman and decided, "Um, hello, no, she's not quite perfect...somehow...there's just got to be someone else better for me. Oh yeah, how about some chick I make a movie with? No, she's not it. There's this chick who'll join my cult. Yeah, that's what I need." (Maybe he can get commissions on her "donations.") After that bit of genius, should we take his advice on one single thing? And how many women are going to marry this dude?

Hollywood wonders why box office is down. Maybe it's because the real world is finally getting tired of you idiots? Tina has decided that our family will never ever ever see another Tom Cruise movie again. Ever. I also put Brad and Angelina on that list. That homewrecker. Not that I have any great feelings for Jennifer Aniston, but really.

Vacation time

In July we're heading Up North, to Bay City (near the thumb) and Mackinac. Probably the last vacation we'll have for the next few years, so we'd better bloody well enjoy it.

I guess we'll have to take a horse & buggy ride around the island. Tina probably can't walk too far. If she does, her ankles will swell up so much they won't fit into the car anymore.

Food update

Arby's is out (see prior post about carsickness). Homemade or Bob Evans pot roast with mashed potatoes is in. Pasta (without garlic) has made something of a comeback.

Milkshakes are on and off. Ice cream generally is in.

Sour candy is in. Chocolate has been out for months (surprisingly). Chocolate milk, however, is back in bigtime. Nesquick, not syrup.

Long John Silver's is out, probably because it has to have vinegar, and vinegar (being acid) gives her acid reflux. Claddaugh's fish & chips seems on the way out - we haven't been there after church for at least a month.

Donuts, of course, still rule the roost.


We've done the first of three birthing classes...everyone calls them Lamaze classes but anymore they're really generalized "how to have a baby" classes with some breathing stuff thrown in. No more noisy huffing and puffing, though. It's more civilized, just deep breathing in an out. At least that's what they do here.

Things are OK; Tina's been a bit glum. Probably the heat (90 degrees and humid) and not sleeping well. I've been doing alright...I'm getting tired of studying for my big exam this August, and just want to get it over with.

And I'm getting impatient about having the baby. Our doctor appointments will be every other week now, so I guess that's a sign that things are moving along. Otherwise, not that much happening.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Feelings...nothing more than feelings....

Tina said the other day that she has a "feeling" the baby's a boy. I asked what that felt like. I mean, something physical, what? I have no idea.

She said it was more of a thought or an inkling than anything physical. I'll have to take her word.

Of course, I've assumed all along we're having a boy. But I have about a 50% chance of being wrong.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More of the same, mostly

Big thanks to Chang and Jihyun for the stroller. And to Han and Kyoung-Hwa for the crib sheet set. And to all the PhD students who chipped in for a gift card and stopped by Alex & Renee's place on Sunday. We have had three weekends in a row of getting baby stuff.

I got the crib assembled, so that's done. All's I need is to paint a few animals on the wall and we'll be ready for a baby.

Tina had a little incident in my car...apparently she still gets carsick if she hasn't had her pill and is riding around. On the bright side...well, there's no bright side for that one.

We did buy a new fridge - the old one still worked, but wasn't all that big and was missing a few shelf-rails, so if we used the shelves, things would fall off when we opened the door. Plus, the new one has a huge freezer, which is good because we buy lotsa bulk stuff. Wait...why am I telling people so much about my fridge?

Still no change in the names. Yea!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stuff and stuff and more stuff

Well, we got back from the shower in Cinti, and we now officially have a lot of baby stuff. My quickie estimate is over 500 diapers (Tina's sis Kathy works at Procter & Gamble and gets lots of samples), several thousand butt-wipes, plus a bunch of clothes, toys, etc. etc. etc.

It's all nice to have, and Tina says it makes life easier. And someone else will be moving us when we get out of here (assuming a moving allowance, which is fairly standard practice in the world of academic accounting) so I guess it's not too bad to have all that stuff.

I always wonder what people did before all this plastic stuff was invented. Did without, I guess. But I can't imagine how anything ever got done without copiers and faxes, so I'm spoiled in my own way. Well, here I am writing a blog rather than sending telegrams or *gasp* letters!

Anyway, thanks to all for donating such great stuff to our worthy cause.

Names again?

Yeah, names again. Sort of out of the blue, Tina up and says it's OK to use Josiah Reagan if we have a boy. We had been to see my family and had heard some horror stories about bad names, and I think the whole idea of Josiah didn't seem so bad any more.

I'm still kicking around Josiah Walker, but I think it'll be J.R. Well, it'll be "Josiah" because Tina will behead me if I call a kid J.R. But you knew that if you've been reading along.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pill progress

Tina's been down to a pill every other day for the last week or so. Seems to be going tentatively but so far, successfully (read: no puke).

However, on a down note, her navel is getting to the point where it's about to start sticking out. She's really rather disturbed about that prospect. (She's probably also disturbed by the idea that I'm writing about it. If she makes me take this down, I will of course do so.)

We got a great crib from my cousin Lisa - many thanks to her.

The shower in Cinti is this weekend. I'm sure we'll load up the momi-van with all sorts of neat stuff. I should probably clean out the closet in the kid's room, huh?