Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Latest cravings updates

Hawaiian Punch is definitely in.

Pasta back from banishment, but not too terribly often.

Oatmeal: out.

Milkshakes still in.

The occasional salad is in.

Roast beef is in, sliced and on a sandwich.

Big ol' hunks of meat: out. Meat sliced up and mixed in rice: OK.

Sausage McMuffin with Egg: in. Hashbrown: iffy. Hot tea: in.

Heartburn pills: good.

Stouffer's grilled veggie French bread pizzas: probably out, and she's not taking any chances.

Nick-naming nonsense

So we got a thank-you card from our nephew Nicholas today, for a birthday gift we got him (he just turned 5, I think). Kathy (the tyke's ma) had him sign his own name. He signed it, in large, cautious and somewhat unsteady script...


Tina was apoplectic. Just absolutely bonkers. She rationalized that it was probably just easier for his little brain to write four letters than eight, but deep inside (OK, not so deep) she was fuming at the poor little guy - well, more at his poor mum.

I just kinda giggled.

See ya...

UPDATE: I don't think there's acutally anything on here about Tina's hating nicknames. Well, Tina hates nicknames. Absolutely hates them. So that's why this was funny. Or wasn't. Sorry if this makes no sense. It was funny for me and that's all I know.

No news is good news

We had an appointment this morning. Nothing significant happened, other than the obvious fact that we got one day closer to having our baby.

We heard the heartbeat again, about 150 beats per minute. We're gonna switch the kid to decaf.

Tina's going to try the experiment again where she doesn't take the anti-nausea pill on Friday. We'll see how that works. The doctor said one of those doctor things: the pill's totally safe, but we'd prefer you didn't take any medication.

Um. How can those both be true?

Anyway, we'll do an ultrasound in 3 weeks. Pictures to follow online somehow. NO finding out the sex, that's for dang sure.

Friday will also be a day of minivan-shopping. Now we gotta baby on the way, so we gotta getta minivan.

Talk at ya later.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another failed experiment

Tina's been taking a really strong anti-nausea drug. She decided to
see if she ca go without taking one in the morning.

...She can't.

The rest of the day has been pretty puke-free, though, which is good.
And she can eat a wider variety of foods. Any sort of meat has to be
cut up, though - no slabs of flesh on the plate. Pasta seems to be
kosher again, having worked its way back into favor via mac & cheese.

She thinks she's been having 4th-month symptoms: forgetfulness, a
little dizziness, some odd pains here and there, that sort of thing.

Our next doctor appointment is on the 29th. Updates as they happen.

Best wishes and God's blessings. Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Amazing stuff

Well, Tina's 12 weeks along now and we heard the child's heartbeat. Sounded a lot like Tina's on the little monitor, only a whole lot faster. I guess he was excited about hearing it himself, too.

It's truly amazing...Tina's not showing a bit; other than the sickness (which a prescription seems to have taken care of) and an unexpected lack of interest in chocolate, you might never know she's pregnant. (Well, if you're reading this, you'd know because all the posts only make sense if she is. Whatever.) But yet there's this whole little person in there...see here for more info and a picture from the State of Texas. (Of course a red state would have pictures of babies before they're born.)

So it's all really cool. Our Bible study group and a couple of other friends have been praying for us, which is really comforting to know.

I'll keep y'all posted as things happen. Next doctor appointment is March 29th. Thanks for reading!


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