Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sorry so slow

I was out of town most of last week and will be again next week. I'll try to get some new stuff up here.

Mostly, more of the same has been going on. Ellie's not quite crawling yet, only has the 2 bottom teeth...kind of a holding pattern. I predict a flurry of development will break out shortly.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More happy shoulder rodeo

I've been waiting to do this since about when she was born.

Mama didn't let me until today -- and wasn't going to let me keep doing it until she saw Ellie's big ol' smile. Posted by Picasa

Just in case...

...any of you were doubting my statement below about the gorgeous-est baby ever. Posted by Picasa

Our new basement, after after

It's a little cluttered but it's a lot better than the last time I posted a pic, eh? Posted by Picasa

Happiest papa ever

 Posted by Picasa

Comments: an apology

Hi everyone who's left comments...I made a small mistake. I had "comment moderation" enabled, which means that no comments show up unless they're approved by li'l ol' me.

Well, I didn't realize there were some comments sitting waiting for moi to approve them. Fortunately, my loving wife made a comment claiming that the "mama" sound that Ellie made referred to her. (Pfuh.) After making that comment, she noticed that the comment had to be moderated.

Long story short, the comments y'all've been posting are now approved and displayed. Thanks for reading and posting, and I'm sorry I screwed it up. I've changed the settings so that won't happen again.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh yeah...

By the way, she's still the gorgeous-est baby ever.

Ellie at the doctor

Her last doctor visit was fine. She's still 90-95% in height and about 50% in weight.

She also got a shot and had her finger poked for an anemia test - she didn't really cry for either one. She was too interested in the colorful bandage the nurse put on her poked finger to cry.

New formula for formula, plus real food

Lately we've had good results with Soy Dream Vanilla Enriched Non-dairy Beverage. She gets a little of that in a bottle that's mostly soy-based formula. We think it's because the Soy Dream is as sweet as your average milkshake, so it offsets the really nasty taste of formula.

Also, she's been doing great eating grown-up foods -- tomatoes seem to be her favorite, but real mac & cheese (made out of macaroni and cheese, not powdered cheese sauce mix), peas, green beans, etc. She doesn't seem to like being fed baby cereals anymore - she wants to eat like a big girl.


Ellie still hasn't crawled yet - but she's getting there. She gets herself up onto all fours, which she hadn't done much yet. So she's showing interest in crawling.

She also clapped her hands for the first time today. We were at a concert by the Hip Pocket, a really good band at First Church of Christ in Jackson, MI. We were dancing with her and clapping and she clapped a couple of times. She really loves dancing and music.

She has 2 bottom teeth and probably a top tooth coming in soon - she's constantly gnawing on stuff. Including my thumbs.

Sorry no posts for a while

I was busy doing something for school - a project funded by the fine folks at PricewaterhouseCoopers (the pfabulous pfirm with the pfunny name).