Sunday, June 10, 2007

Us, leaving on Easter

Yeah, I look like garbage because I got sick.

By the way, here's us leaving on Easter the year before. Global warming, my patootie.
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Ellie praying at Eastertime

OK, she wasn't really praying. But she'd spent about four hours getting her picture taken on that rug and she really wanted to get off of it.
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Sophie and Ellie

Here's Ellie one year on from last Easter

Here's Ellie last Easter.

Giff me vaht I vant...

...or zee cow gets it!
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Admit it...

You find this picture irresistible.

This fall...

All the hippest toddlers will be wearing ill-fitting purple pants and carrying alphabet balls...

More from the catwalk in Milan after these messages...

Just a cute kddo

Wow, a huge magnet made of cheese!

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More harpooning fish

Hey, like my smock?

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The beasts are ready to be shipped across the ocean

The next American Idol?

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