Monday, January 29, 2007

Here's the finished project

Ellie apparently knew just where she wanted it. Right about where it is here...she moved it about two feet and then didn't want it to go any further.

Not a bad place for it, but it would've been in the way a little bit.

Here I am explaining...

...that the post is an equilateral triangle, and it doesn't matter which way it's turned...

She wasn't listening. She never listens when I try to explain geometry to her.

Ellie helping her papa

We were building a little shelf thingy. She did a good job putting the pieces together once she learned to choke up on them.

Just plain old too cute for words

Just for my mom...

...a picture of a cow in a chair.

Ice on tree

Here's a pic of the trees around the house. The storm that brought us this beautiful scene also knocked out our power for a day or so...the week I was finishing up my dissertation proposal. Not terribly convenient, but it certainly could've been worse.

Now, lissen here, pardner...

...this basement ain't big enough fer the two of us...

Oh, NO!

Ellie's riding the short bus!

I'm baaaaaack

Howdy, y'all...

I gots my dissertation thingamajigger mostly done, so I'll be returning to active duty as your blogging host with the most. Tina said she thinks of me as the "blogmaster." Um. Yeah. OK.

Anyway, I'll try to get some more reggelar updates going and keep the laughs a-comin'.

Below are a buncha pics taken at Christmas in Cleveland. Enyoy!

Ellie going home...

...or to Cincinnati, or to...well, to somewhere.

She's spent probably a third of her life on the road, and maybe a tenth of it strapped into a seat. Poor kid. I hope we'll get to settle her somewhere.

A good pic of Ellie outdoors...

...with the wind in her hair, and the sunlight silhouetting her just so, and Grandpa squeezing the life out of her dollies.

OK, so it's mostly a good picture.

Who are you?

...and why are you taking pictures of me and this baby?

Isn't she gorgeous?

I was just saying the other day how gorgeous she is.

And photogenic, too.

Actually, I was saying that today, too. She's always ready for a close-up.

Here she is looking pensive, reflecting on the solemnity of the moment.

Ellie feeling patriotic

The weather in Cleveland was pretty good for Christmas -- Tina let Ellie out in just a sweater.

OK, she didn't let her out. I did it without authorization. But the baby survived. And took a nice picture.

Putting her mama skills into practice

She learned from a pretty good mama, so she'll do just fine herself one day.

Ellie and Grandpa sharing a Cheerio

OK, they're sharing a cup of Cheerios. I hope they weren't actually sharing a single Cheerio. That's kinda gross, if you think about it.

Ride 'em Hannibal!

Making her grand entrance

She makes that squinty face sometimes. It's a hoot.

She got pretty good at unwrapping

Ellie getting parenting advice...

...from some folks with experience.

That's her great-grandma Mastilak and her great-grandpa Caporuscio.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We all got back home to Michigan a few days ago. We were in Cincinnati and Cleveland for Christmas but now it's back to the same old, same old. Christian should be presenting his dissertation on January 25th. We'll keep you posted on that. Hopefully, when that's done he'll be able to do the blogging again. I'm sure you can tell I don't have the same humor and skill that he has when it comes to writing.

Christian will also be leaving this Wednesday to go to Fort Worth for an accounting conference. Elizabeth and I will just have to stay home and play with all her new toys she got for Christmas! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Elizabeth and Grandpa playing with some puzzles in Cleveland.
Elizabeth, Sophia and Great Grandpa in Cleveland.

Elizabeth and her Great Grandma in Cleveland.

Elizabeth enjoyed all her new pajamas.

This is Elizabeth on Christmas morning, enjoying some toys from Santa.
My mom had a Goofy Christmas but that's how she likes it! That's Nicholas in the Bungles shirt.
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Here's Elizabeth checking out her new chair she got from Aunt Kathy, Uncle Mike, Nick, Samanatha and Emily.
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This was Papa's reaction to Elizabeth's new dress. Mammaw and Pappaw gave this to her for Christmas. It was definitely Christian's favorite present, even if the Browns are losers. But the Bengals are, too. And the Steelers. Does anyone in the family like a winning team?
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Papa and Elizabeth opening a present at Pappaw's house. She got very good at this by the end of the week.
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This is the big family Christmas party at Mammaw and Pappaw's house. Too many kids to name but Elizabeth is on the left with her cousin Teagan. Mammaw is in the orange shirt, about to start the chaos by handing out the first presents.
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This is actually Emily's toy chimp but Elizabeth was really enjoying giving it a bottle. It actually moves and makes noise. I found it to be very strange. I don't think we'll be getting one for Elizabeth.