Sunday, December 05, 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010


More trucks

When did Amelia get so big?

Fire truck show

This was really neat after we finally found it.  It was at a huge cemetary and we drove around for awhile before we found someone who could tell us where the trucks were.  Cool cemetary, too.

Halloween parade at school

Elizabeth playing doctor

The couch had to have the paper on it just like the table at the doctor's office so it will make noise when you lay down.

Elizabeth's parade

Elizabeth wanted to build a princess float and have a parade.  Papa actually walked with her all the way to Mammaw's house.  I can only imagine the looks they got!

Josiah's first Christmas tree (fresh from the box)

Papa got a lot of help with the tree this year!

Josiah's first snow

He cried when we went back in the house.  He doesn't understand that Mommy doesn't do snow.  He'll figure it out.

Great Grandpa at Thanksgiving