Monday, September 07, 2009

Pretty girl


Doesn't care where she is...

just has to read.

Amelia and the cats


Amelia with a big smile


Fun with party hats


The Cake


Her favorite present


Amelia at the party

Elizabeth's 4th birthday

She really wanted a birthday crown like they had at school last year.  She looked very cute opening her presents.  There were a lot of stickers this year.  And we have already used quite a few and the party was only yesterday.  Elizabeth and Amelia LOVE stickers.

Ellie's Ritalin song

So I told Amelia that I liked her when she was calm, and that I should
give her Ritalin. Ellie (of course) overheard it, and started singing:

Ritalin, for when you need to stay calm…
Ritalin, for when you need to stay calm…
Ritalin, for when you need to stay calm…

What a bizarre kid.

Soli Deo Gloria

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Request for help

Hi all,

Tina and I are again participating in and raising pledges for the Walk
for Life event to benefit PregnancyCare of Cincinnati.  PregnancyCare
of Cincinnati is a local nonprofit that gives caring support to young
mothers struggling with an unintended pregnancy. ALL of your money
goes to provide free services such as counseling, pregnancy tests, and
ultrasound exams and parenting classes.

Of course, as with everyone else, PregnancyCare is hurting for dollars
these days. In fact, they will have to close one of their offices if
they can't raise enough funding to support their current level of

Will you make a tax-deductible donation by sponsoring us? It is not a
per-mile pledge, but instead your pledge is a flat amount. We also
have a corporate sponsor who'll match all our contributions at 50
cents on the dollar -- making your donation go even farther.

You can sponsor one (or both!) of us by going to the Pregnancy Care
Walk for Life website at:

1. Click the "Donate" button.
2. Enter the donation amount
3. Click "Update Total"
4. Enter your Credit Card or Paypal Account payment information
5. Click "Review Donation and Continue" button.
6. The next page shows that your donation is for the Walk For Life
Cincinnati.  Just below "Walk For Life Cincinnati" is "+Individual or
team sponsored:(optional)"
7. Click on "+Individual or team sponsored:(optional)" and then type
in one of our names (Pregnancy Care will get this
information and attribute the  donation to the appropriate person.
8. Click on the yellow "Donate $ USD Now".
9. This completes your transaction and a confirmation number is assigned.

Thanks very much for your help & support! Also, please feel free to
pass this email on to anyone you know who might be willing to help

Thanks again, and God bless,

Tina & Christian Mastilak


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