Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amelia started clapping today

Elizabeth clapped at about 9 months, so I was a little surprised to see Amelia doing it today, at almost 7 months. I guess it's not all that much sooner, but it's sooner. 

Elliebean probably crawled later than Junebuggy will, too. Not that I'm comparing -- just, you know, benchmarking.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Happy baby

Giant, giant baby

At Amelia's 6 month check-up she was almost 17 pounds and she was 28"
long. That length is still off the chart (literally). Oh, and her
head size is now off the chart, as well. The doctor said she looks like a 1-year-old. Thanks, Doc.

My big helper

Sometimes Elizabeth is so excited to do the dishes she doesn't even
take time to put on pants!

Learning to get around

This is a daily occurence around here. Amelia can push herself
backwards pretty well but hasn't figured out how to go forward yet.

Too cute...

Amelia seems to love Caillou as much as her big sister.

Just beautiful!



Amelia learning how to give a raspberry

Pumpkin Flambe'

Pumpkin Carving

Elizabeth did not enjoy cleaning out the pumpkin (Mommy ended up doing
most of it) but she did like drawing the face and watching Papa carve
it. We ended up with a very nice Piggy Pumpkin (oops, I mean

Two Peas in a Pod