Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Somebody not feeling too good

We're not sure if Ellie is teething or has a tummyache. She's not herself lately, arching her back and rejecting the bottle.

She's gotten some tummy medicine, and that might have helped, so it might be a tummy thing. She was liking barley-prunes, which also solved a different tummy problem, but she hasn't been into eating off a spoon much in the last couple days, so who knows.

She's still gorgeous and still loves sticking her tongue out. But she's been crying more too, with that hard-drilling sound that really hurts my eardrums. It really does. (Moms everywhere are saying "what a wimp." Yeah, well, I'm a wimp I guess.)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ellie's happy...

and Papa's still hungry, apparently.

"Be careful...don't knock over my chicken." Posted by Picasa


Ellie on the floor, confiding many slobbery secrets in her duckie friend.

Yellow tinted for dramatic effect (courtesy of Picasa2). Posted by Picasa

For old times' sake

Here's an old photo. Well, it's from 4 months ago, when Ellie was just a few weeks old. I think it's still my favorite photo of her.

Ahh, the memories. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ellie likes her new bathtime seat

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Happy mama, happy baby

Ellie's arms look so long sometimes.

So do her ears...horizontally. Let's hope those grow back a little more. Posted by Picasa

Oh JOY! Rice cereal!

This is about how happy she looks when she's about to get fed.

Note the 5-point racing harness. She'll drive in NASCAR yet.

Not that I'd vicariously live out my boy-racer dreams by forcing them on my daughter. Never. Posted by Picasa

Too cute for words

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Last few days

Ellie's been kinda tired lately...Tina says that she's going through a growth spurt when she gets that way. That's good...she needs it. There are still 3 or 4 babies her age in America right now that are bigger than she is. She must be zee biggist!

On another front, she loves rice cereal, sweet potatoes and even peas. The peas took a while, but she's gotten used to them. None of this helps her digestion, unfortunately, but she's happy to eat it. In fact, she's quite the greedy little piggy. She grabs the spoon-hand that feeds her and yanks it toward her gaping maw...and whines if you take too long re-loading the shovel.

This is a "before" should see her after she eats!

No, just kidding, you literalists.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Funny day

We decided for a change of scenery, so we headed to Briarwood Mall in sorta-nearby Ann Arbor. Now, we're not really Ann Arbor-type people, but we figured we'd give it a shot. (Don't know what Ann Arbor-type people are? They wouldn't cite National Review favorably on their blogs, for starters. Though Tina thinks I paint with too broad a brush.)

Anyway, we stopped at some chairs and gave Ellie a bottle, then got up and did some mallwalking. (It's too dang cold around here, even with our plant-induced heat wave, for Tina to walk outside more than absolutely necenssary.) After we went around the plus-shaped and hilly mall (there were these odd undulations in the floor, making us seek stroller-friendly ramps) two or three times, we stopped back at those tables and found our bottle still sitting there. Apparently we'd left it, and so did everyone else. So we popped it right into Ellie's mouth and she finished it off.

No, not really. We'll boil it in alcohol before we'll let her use it. But nipples are like a buck each, man, we're not gonna let them go to waste.

She's still a big girl

I forgot to mention this earlier. At our last trip to the pediatrician, Ellie was 26 inches tall and 14 libbs and 3 ozzes. That puts her in 90-95th percentile heightwise and 75th weightwise. A bit long-n-lean, but mostly a whole lot long.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ellie after mama mistook the "special" egg nog for formula

Come 'ere youshe guysh. I really love yoush guysh. You're my fav'rite guysh, yoush guysh.

I can't feel my fashe.

Hey, I don't have any teef! Who shtole all my teef?

(Ellie's grandmother will disapprove wholeheartedly of this post. But I think it's too funny a picture to pass up.) Posted by Picasa

Ellie's true nature revealed!

"I vill seet een my giant high chair und try to take over zee vorld!" Posted by Picasa

Ellie's cousins

Nicholas is presumably doing something educational.

Luke is educating us about what Doritos do to the inside of one's mouth. Posted by Picasa

How do you get the batteries into this thing?!?!?

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Ellie helping her mama read

The books with words are mama's favorite, but the ones with the pictures make Ellie happy. Posted by Picasa

Grandpa bogartin' the baby

Someone didn't like to share...until crying, spitting up, or anything else slightly unpleasant spoilt his fantasy-baby-holding world. Posted by Picasa

Sophie & the baby

Sophie was very disappointed that we got snowed out of Cleveland for Thanksgiving. So she spent virtually all of Christmas week angling to hold the baby.

She was largely successful. Posted by Picasa

Great tonguey smile

She smiles with her eyes and her tongue. Posted by Picasa

Indulging papa

I took literally 20 pictures of Ellie sitting in her bouncy seat, smiling at me through the rings and other paraphernalia.

Nobody else knows why I'd need 20 of them. Hey, they're free, and she was smiling. Posted by Picasa

Grandma Mastilak

Here's my other grandma with Elizabeth a few days before Christmas. Grandma calls her "Lizzie Beth." Grandma gets to call her that. Posted by Picasa

June Elaine Caporuscio

Here's why we were so preoccupied during Christmas week. My grandmother, seen here dancing with my grandpa at Tina's & my wedding in 1997, passed away on December 27. We learned shortly after we got to Cleveland that she was not long to be with us, and so we spent the week seeing family but waiting for the inevitable.

She's probably met a third of the people in heaven already. And has offered them something to drink. We'll miss her until we see her again. Posted by Picasa