Monday, July 24, 2006


Tina seems to think that Ellie might be slightly tongue-tied. It might have contributed to our need to bottle-feed. One of the nurses in the hospital mentioned it, but the initial in-the-hospital doctor said she didn't see it.

We didn't bring it up with our pediatrician because of what the doctor said, and we didn't look into it more until recently...I noticed that Ellie's frenulum looked kinda big and white (or something, I forget exactly what I noticed) and then Tina decided to look into it.

We'll bring it up with the pediatrician when we see him next, probably about the beginning of September.

I got my monkey back

I got my monkey back yesterday. She's getting a tooth in the top now and is fairly cranky about it. But I'm happy to see some toofy progress.

It's funny how a week of not seeing her makes her changes more obvious. She's clearly more adept at stacking the rings on her Rock N' Stack than she was a week ago. And she's now pretty much waving in response to a wave, which she wasn't doing before. I'm sure if I'd had her all week I would've seen it happen gradually.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Alone again

Tina & Ellie are out of town I am without my monkey. Not fun. I'll get her back next Saturday or Sunday. Bleah.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Formula findings?

We think we might've figured out something with her not liking formula. The second-last can of mix we bought was Meijer brand without DHA & ARA, which are some special nutrients thought to help with brain and eye development. Well, she's not getting so much formula these days so we figured it didn't matter what we bought. Well, she really liked it, more than she's liked any other formula. After we ran out of that, we could only find Meijer brand with DHA & ARA, and she doesn't seem to like it at all. So do DHA & ARA taste bad? We're not sure...I don't recall if I really tasted the non-DHA/ARA stuff, so I can't say anything other than "maybe."

There are other brands without the DHA&ARA, but Meijer is cheaper (a LOT cheaper). She's been getting some milk lately and seems to be having less trouble with it than she did before, so we might just move her to milk pretty soon and bag the whole formula thing once for all.

Not too much going on

Hey y'all...not a whole lot to report. Plus, I've been kinda cranking on my dissertation lately so I've found it a little hard to keep the posting going. Sorry.

Ellie's still crawling around, sometimes moving around on hands and feet rather than on hands and knees. Kind of a halfway step to walking, I guess.

Still just two teethies. She's been cranky lately so we think there might be a new one coming soon, but we've been thinking that a lot, so who knows.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ellie-bean crawling

Yes, we know, she's absolutely gorgeous. Posted by Picasa

Truckee River in the morning

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Some red thing growing in Tahoe

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Un-B&W-ized moonset at Tahoe

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Moonset at Tahoe

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Early in the morning at Tahoe

I love pictures of the sun through trees, probably more than you do. Posted by Picasa

Oh, by the way

Here's me in Lake Tahoe last month.

Why am I posting this?

Just because I can. Posted by Picasa

Ellie in the pool

Ellie loves floating around in the pool. Sure, we doubled up on the flotation devices. That's our prerogative.

She didn't really like to wear the hat, though. Posted by Picasa

Ellie on her little stroller car

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