Friday, March 24, 2006

Ellie in her chair

Let's see, the head bone's connected to the shoe, that's not it. Posted by Picasa

No clever caption needed

Well, some clever caption might make the picture better. But I can't think of anything clever, so I'll just let it be. Posted by Picasa

Sitting up now

Ellie's sitting up now, but she really doesn't enjoy it too much. She's still happier being carried around and held.

She also likes to stand up (assisted). We're starting to think she'll walk before she crawls, because she really hates being on her belly. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A little cold again

Ellie's had a little cold and cough lately. She was better this morning, so we didn't feel like bad people taking her in to child care (see post below). She does seem to have remarkable healing powers - her colds never last more than a few days, but mama's and papa's colds last for weeks on end.

Spitting up-date

The Zantac seems to work when used in combination with Isomil rather than Similac. Isomil is a soy-bsed formula that's apparently easier to digest. So she's been spitting up a whole lot less. Good.

We think she might be getting headaches from the Zantac, though. She rubs her eyes and face like she's tired, but she's not tired. There's really no way to tell if she does have a headache, except maybe to give her some Tylenol and see if she gets better. But that usually puts her to sleep, so it's not a perfect test.

Child care success!

The stars finally lined up right for us to try child care at church again. This time, we brought the real Elizabeth. She was fine the entire time, playing with what was for her a new sort of kick toy. The volunteers said she was a happy baby.

That's more like it.

Tina won't admit it, but she spent the whole service with one eye on the little black display they have in the sanctuary to tell parents their presence is needed in the child-care area. (I did too.)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

daddy's little girl

Ellie has joined her Papa and her doggie Snickers in the Land of Reflux. She's been put on Zantac for her spitting up, which has been diagnosed as probably acid-related.

The Zantac she gets is a really really nasty minty-liquid thing. She hates it - but she loves grape Pedialyte, so she gets minty-grapy Zantac and seems to take it OK.

Funny-sad: when we gave her the unadulterated Zantac, she'd take it, make a face - and visibly shudder. I do that with the worse cough medicines, and it's no big deal. But with a 6-month-old, it's somehow tragic. (But still a little funny.)

I miss Ellie

Tina and Ellie are in Cincinnati this week. So I'm here with Snickers, who is still my good doggie, and my dissertation, which isn't.

I think I miss Ellie more than Tina. I've been around Tina for 13 years and Ellie for 6 months, but I'm thinking a week away from Ellie is doing more violence to my heart than a week away from Tina. I've been away from Tina before, and while it's no fun, I know she remembers me when she comes back.

Is Ellie thinking of me right now? Probably not. Does she miss her Papa? Probably not. Hmmm...that hurts.

I know I'm being a baby. But that's the way it is when your daughter is as perfect and awesome as Ellie.

Wrong wrong wrong

This story is just plain wrong. On so many levels.

If I'm not mistaken, every single thing in it just reeks of wrongness. I can't even start with the details. But if there's a principal in the story (excluding the law prof called in for a prediction) who has a single basic remnant of decency, I didn't see it.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, all of it is wrong. And bad, bad, bad. It needs a new word..."badong."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


No posts in a little while...partly I'm moving my e-life onto a new computer (dad's old laptop, which is newer than mine) and partly because I'm actually getting somewhere on my dissertation these days. Funny that.

Anyway, more on Ellie to follow sometime soon. Thanks for your patience.