Saturday, September 29, 2007

OK, cravings are here

Today I've run out no fewer than three times to satisfy Tina's cravings.

First, Cream of Wheat.

Second, fruit, particularly pluots. (They're a cross between a plum and an apricot. Very plum-like but not quite. Very sweet & juicy, quite good.)

Third, Spicy Italian sub from Subway.

Later, I think I'm going to go out to satisfy my craving for a new Honda Civic Si sedan. Hey, if she's gonna order me around, I might as well have a fast car to fulfill her requests in.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Totally unimportant in light of the post below

Given the real news below, this isn't a huge deal, but I successfully defended my dissertation last week, so you all can call me Dr. Mastilak. I'm not going to require or even request it, but I figured I'd at least point it out.

You know, in case you care.

Why Tina couldn't ride anything at King's Island

Well, Tina couldn't ride any rides at KI last weekend.

The park really strongly recommends that pregnant women don't ride the rides. And, well, Tina's pregnant.


The baby's due on May 3, but given all the post-delivery complications from Ellie, Tina's definitely having a C-section. The first ultrasound went fine; heartbeat was good, no pictures of anything identifiable yet.

We're not finding out the sex of this one either. Mama's orders.

So we get to chronicle all the food ins and outs and other pregnancy happinesses over again.

Initially, just like last time, pasta and anything wheat-y or grain-y is usually out. Large slabs of beef, unlike last time, are also not good. This time, there's a lot of desire for fresh veggies, salads, and other alien things. Plus the occasional odd craving (today: fresh-baked cookies).

It's slightly less fun this time around, probably because Tina's dealing with Ellie and also watching her sister's kids, so she's a lot less flexible. The nice thing is that so far, the feelings of nausea have yet to come to...well, fruition, I guess. So Tina's overall probably better, but she's still not feeling great.

Name options: Amelia June is pretty much set in stone for a girl; Benjamin Reagan is the current favorite for a boy.

Trip to King's Island

We took Ellie to King's Island last weekend. She had an absolute blast. Pics are below. She wanted to ride everything, including the Vortex. Um. Not an option now, sweetie. Wait until you're bigger.

Tina couldn't ride anything...see separate post above for why...

Ellie and papa on the log ride

She really really didn't want to stop riding the log ride. Not only was there a big going up and going down, but there was also "I got all wet." And lots of giggling. Oh boy, was there giggling.

We couldn't even get her distracted with ice cream.

Ellie driving a yellow jeep

She loves seeing yellow jeeps. She loved driving one too.

Ellie's second time around

She loved the ride and wanted to go on again...actually, she loved all the rides and wanted to go on all of them again. She eventually learned that she had to wait in line again.

Ellie riding a pretty fun ride

Reagan's mom was worried that Reagan would be afraid riding by herself. So Reagan got to ride with Ellie, who enjoyed the heck out of the ride. It was a pretty simple affair -- riding around in an oval shape with a pretty fast whipping around the ends. Ellie just loved it.

Reagan was a little worried-looking throughout.

Ellie riding a zebra

She loves zebras. And "zebra cake inside" -- Swiss Cake Rolls.

Ellie & papa riding in a red chopper

Ellie & papa waiting in line

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ellie-bean!

Ellie's second birthday party was Sept. 2. Her actual birthday is today, Sept. 6. Some pics of the party are posted below.

My family was once again able to come into town. It's nice that Ellie's b-day is close to Labor Day weekend, so we can have the party on the long weekend and people can visit from Clevelandish places. And this time we had a big enough house to put them all up in.

Enjoy the pics.
Mama made a teapot-shaped cake for the party and did a great job with it. Ellie looks like she's doing a little teapot mime thing. I don't remember whether she was really doing it but it's a cute photo nonetheless.

Ellie and her new teaset

Ellie loves tea sets so much we did a tea-party theme for this party.

She hasn't had actual tea yet -- we keep as much caffeine out of her as we can. She's mostly on milk, ice water, and a little juice.

Ellie showing Mama how to use the View-Master

See 'n' say

These have evolved over time...there's now a "quiz" feature.

Boy, toys have quizzes now. Wow, what a real improvement. Yip-pee.

Ellie and Eddie

Eddie is one of the characters in the Fisher Price Little People...Ellie loves her People. She knows them by name: Eddie and his froggy friend Freddy, Michael, Maggie, Sonya Lee, and Sarah Lynn.

Papa's favorite gift of Ellie's

Our friends Corey and Beth ("Coney and Beff," Ellie calls them) gave Ellie this Doodle Pro...they didn't even know it but a few days earlier she'd fallen in love with one of those at a local LaRosa's Pizza. They also didn't know that she'd have to fight Papa for it...

Cards made by Ellie's cousins

Ellie wearing her new backpack

Birthday present, you know.