Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Tina couldn't ride anything at King's Island

Well, Tina couldn't ride any rides at KI last weekend.

The park really strongly recommends that pregnant women don't ride the rides. And, well, Tina's pregnant.


The baby's due on May 3, but given all the post-delivery complications from Ellie, Tina's definitely having a C-section. The first ultrasound went fine; heartbeat was good, no pictures of anything identifiable yet.

We're not finding out the sex of this one either. Mama's orders.

So we get to chronicle all the food ins and outs and other pregnancy happinesses over again.

Initially, just like last time, pasta and anything wheat-y or grain-y is usually out. Large slabs of beef, unlike last time, are also not good. This time, there's a lot of desire for fresh veggies, salads, and other alien things. Plus the occasional odd craving (today: fresh-baked cookies).

It's slightly less fun this time around, probably because Tina's dealing with Ellie and also watching her sister's kids, so she's a lot less flexible. The nice thing is that so far, the feelings of nausea have yet to come to...well, fruition, I guess. So Tina's overall probably better, but she's still not feeling great.

Name options: Amelia June is pretty much set in stone for a girl; Benjamin Reagan is the current favorite for a boy.

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