Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I think running the water-boiling humidifier at night makes Tina sick in the morning. She was better the last few nights, after forgetting to run it. This morning, after I'd run it last night, was not good. She missed another day at work. Plus, she's been helped by cool or cold things: milkshakes, Icees, ice cream, etc. Warm moist air is probably not helpful.
I will report results, with tests of statistical significance, when they are known.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 18, 2005

No updates here really

Not much has been going on. Tina's been getting sick a little more regularly, and we've been struggling to find a diet she can tolerate. But otherwise, all's going about the same. She seems to be good from early afternoon to early evening, and about bedtime she starts feeling bad. I think she's mostly just dreading the impending morn.
We keep hearing about how symptoms of morning sickness are a good thing. That is actually quite reassuring for me. I'm not sure how much it helps Tina right now.
We've also determined that she probably ought not come grocery shopping with me anymore. She starts feeling bad, using the cart as a walker and making me feel like I'm shopping with...well, somebody who doesn't walk very fast. That's all I'll say.
I'm probably making things sound worse than they are. We're getting by pretty OK - she goes to work most days, I get my classwork done. We're not actively having much fun, but we're not in the dumps.
And it's all for a good reason. The best reason there could be.

Monday, February 07, 2005

off topic

Perhaps we can all disabuse ourselves of the notion that Donovan McNabb is a great quarterback. He's overrated and relies on a stout defense to overcome his many errors. If you don't buy the hype and just watch him play, he's merely competent.
And isn't it heart-rending that the Iggles make the Super Bowl without TO, then when he gets back (and, admittedly, plays a great game), they lose. My heart goes out to him. He's truly a class act and a team player all around.

UPDATE: Apparently the stark-naked sarcasm of calling TO anything remotely like a team player was lost on some people. So, for those people, I say this to assure you: I could not be happier that things happened as they did with regard to TO. He was supposed to be what got them a Super Bowl win. Well, they got to the Super Bowl without him, mostly because the NFC pretty much stank, and then when Terrell "it's-all-about-me" Owens comes back, they lose, and I didn't see him doing the first thing to get the team into gear when they were down by 10 points with a few minutes to go and the great quarterback McNabb was lollygagging around like it was the 3rd quarter. That's what I hoped would happen - he would be exposed as the overhyped, self-absorbed not-quite-superstar he actually is.

Of course, Joe Buck and the rest of the Fox announcing crew would never admit that. That'd be racist or something.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Conception vs. adoption redux

For what it's worth, our bible study group was the best in this regard - they all appeared geniunely disappointed when Tina said we weren't adopting. Then she said why, and all the women squealed in delight, as women are wont to do at the thought of a new baby.

Pretty good idea

Someone in our bible study suggested that if our child is born on
Sept. 11, we should name him or her Victor or Victoria. I kinda like
it. It's more up to Tina at this point, of course.

I could see using a name from the day, to pay tribute - like Barbara,
for Barbara Olsen, an author and journalist who was on the plane that
hit the Pentagon. She was married to Ted Olsen, the solicitor general
- the guy who goes to bat for the administration at the Supreme Court.
She was, by all accounts, good people.

Or Todd, as in Beamer, he of "Let's roll." The guy who quite litrally
led the first fight back in the War.

Tina's still pretty big on Benjamin. Maybe we'll use Reagan as the
middle name if he's born on 9/11.

I still think George W. would be a good name for a 9/11 baby. Or, as
he would say, a "September the eleventh" baby.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Not a fun week

The last week has been a bit of a bummer. Tina's been up and down
nausea-wise, ending on sort of a down note. We had to miss our bible
study group on Thursday because she was feeling pretty rotten, and I
wasn't going to leave her alone.

Also, the dog has gotten an infection on her tummy. She's been bored
lately, cooped up in the house without getting all the walks she's
used to because of an arthritic hip. So in her boredom she started
licking her tummy, and gave herself a nice raw spot that got infected.
So, to prevent her from licking it, she has one of the big ol'
collars on. The word "tragicomic" must have been invented by somebody
looking at such a dog. The sight is the perfect balance of funny and
sad. She keeps knocking into the backs of my knees with it.

So not only has my wife been in the dumps, but so has my dog. It's
been a pretty not-fun week. It should be warmer this weekend, though -
around 50 - so Snickers and I will probably get some longer walks in.
(I do take the collar off when we walk!)