Thursday, November 15, 2007

I emerge at last

More pics posted below. Sorry no updates lately -- this having a full-time job thing takes up most of my day.

Ellie's dong great. She's taken a few steps toward being potty-trained -- she seems to be aware of when she's going in her diaper, and she's done a #2 in the potty to match her #1. But overall, she's still diapered.

Tina's doing OK with the pregnancy. She's back on her old friend Zofran for nausea. No actual upchucking yet, but she's been feeling sick when she's not on the pills. She's also having migraines, which contribute to the general difficulty of getting through the pregnancy. This is the last time she'll bear fruit, that's for sure.

Work's going fine. The house is OK -- Ron (Pappaw) put in a new set of front doors for us yesterday to replace the dog-ugly ones we had.

We still have the cats too. Yay.

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