Sunday, September 21, 2008

More AJ updates

Junebuggy is on an anti-spit-up formula (Enfamil AR; apparently other formulas are pro-spit-up) which actually works well enough when we don't try to cram more than four ounces of formula into her four-ounce tummy.

She's still a happy enough kid mornings and afternoons, and a fairly unhappy one in the evening of the day. Not as screamy as she was, but really whiny. Really really whiny.

She's sort of sitting up, as the pics below testify. She can also pretty much stand up on her own -- not balancing, but she can hold her whole weight up for a few seconds, then when I say "Kerplunk" she falls herself down. (I know that's horrible grammar, but I think it describes what goes on.) It's a fun game for about forty-nine minutes.

She's eating cereal with various purees, and she got some straight pears today. When she's hungry, she opens her mouth and lunges her head (more bad grammar) toward the spoon, creating a moving-target scenario. So I (Christian) have started to gently hold her head in place when I feed her cereal -- so now she won't open her mouth for me unless my hand's on her head. I hope that doesn't last too long. It'll get kinda awkward in a few years.

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