Saturday, January 24, 2009

More on Snickers

She came to us from Cincinnati and lived with us in Parma, OH, then to Walton Hills, OH (for a few weeks), then to Lansing, MI, then Jackson, MI, then back here to Cincinnati. All that time she'd ride with us on holiday and weekend trips to wherever we were going. She never complained, never gave us any reason to not want to bring her along. Even one night when the power went out and we had to get a hotel (it was Michigan winter and we didn't want Elizabeth to freeze), she was just straight-up good.

We'd let her out and just say, "stay in the yard." Even the first time in a new house, she never needed to be told where the yard was. She just stayed.

She got along with the cats, my parents' dogs, my mother-in-law's dog, whoever came along. Sometimes she got riled up at some other dogs or cats when I was around, but that was either jealousy or protection, not anything truly aggressive.

Eventually, it was cancer. We weren't terribly surprised about that -- but we were pretty shocked that we didn't have much time to deal with making a decision (well, none, really).

In perspective -- she was a dog. I won't miss cleaning the yard or all the fur all over, that's for sure. But boy, if you didn't know her, you'll never know how good a dog can be.

We'll probably window-shop dogs for a while but I don't think we'll get a new one soon. I need to get over this, and need to wait until I can have another dog that'll be his own dog, not compared to Snicks every time he does something not quite perfect.

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Anonymous said...

We loved her too.

Mom & Dad