Friday, May 01, 2009


Hi all,
Some new pics are below.
We're generally OK, although we clearly haven't had time to blog much. Amelia June's now 1, and she seems to have turned a real corner right at about one year old. She's much less cranky, more smiley, doesn't eat as much stuff off the floor...more of a toddler than a baby. She's walking all over creation, and hardly ever crawls any more. She has about 6 teeth and a few more on the way. At her last doctor visit she was 23 pounds and about 33 inches. Still a giantess. Still getting formula -- the toddler kind -- because milk and her tummy don't seem to get along. But she gets lots of people food too -- hotdogs, chicken, shakes, the usual pediatrician-recommended healthy stuff.
Ellie-bean's doing well too. She's been eating a lot lately -- growth spurt? She takes dance and tumbling classes and is passing all her subjects in pre-school. Her teacher says she's a "helper" to all the other kids. That's her to a T.
The parents (as Ellie-belly calls us) are OK also -- Tina is flu-like for the last week or so. I'm (so far) free from any symptoms. I've been teaching two evening MBA classes along with a daytime undergrad class, and I think the MBA classes have been sort of extra-draining. Because I'm pooped. I've also been trying to figure out what food allergy I have. The tests showed soy was a strong allergen for me, but that doesn't seem to fit my experience, so I'm working on it. I've also been singing in the choir at church, which means a Sunday evening practice. So I'm gone 3 eves a week. Poor Tina -- in August, I'll be teaching 4 nights a week. I guess she'll just have to console herself with all the money I'll be earning...
We tried to get a new dog -- tried out a Labradoodle. Stupid idea. The dog just pooped in the basement and that was the end of that. I want a real Lab, not a mix. But we're also working on the adoption and getting some stuff fixed up around the house (like, new windows and siding and, you know, actually insulating the exterior walls). So I'm not sure if a dog is actually in the cards for us.
Summer's coming up -- we have a couple of trips planned in May (to Cleveland and then to...gulp...Pigeon Forge). I also have to write some stuff for work, and Tina has to...I don't know, play with the kids and go swimming and stuff like that.
Sorry so slow on the bloggy front. Real life is busier than I'd like it to be.

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