Friday, June 13, 2008

Amelia June update

So how's things with Amelia June? OK. She's much fussier than Ellie was, but then again, most inanimate objects are fussier than Ellie was. So we're probably just spoiled. (I'm sure Tina would disagree with me that AJ is all that fussy, but hey, I'm the dad, I tell it like it is.) We've been through several different formula options to help her feel better -- it seems like she had tummyaches for a while, and lots of fartsies. (Or I suppose I could call it "gas" but I wanted to type "fartsies" just once in my life, and now I've done it twice.)

So we've settled on Similac Sensitive, which seems to calm the tummy mostly by not staying in it too long. Junebuggy needs diaper changes pretty often and is also eating a whole lot more than she did on other formulas. But she's not crying so much, so that's a good thing and a positive tradeoff overall. The Sensitive formula uses corn syrup instead of lactose as a sweetener, so we're contributing to the global increase in corn demand.

She's still huge, too. Off the charts height- and weight-wise. So by carting her around we're contributing to the global increase in oil demand too. We're such an un-eco-friendly family. Ah well.

Tina's doing OK after the appendectomy. She's still getting her conditioning back after the pregnancy and has to deal with some lingering hip discomfort, but she walked the zoo fairly well today (with a little help from her friend Naproxen).

Not too much else to tell. We're definitely falling prey to the second-baby thing -- I think I blogged every time Ellie sneezed for the first six months, and this time it's all pretty much the same only with more crying, so there's not much to tell. Or so it seems to me. So I hope AJ doesn't think we don't like her -- we're just less surprised by her because we've seen it all before.

Now, maybe if she were a boy... just kidding.

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