Thursday, June 05, 2008

More medical misadventures

So late Tuesday night Tina starts having abdominal pains. By Wednesday
afternoon they're pretty bad, so we go to urgent care to see what be
up. They referred her to the hospital for more advanced treatment. She
ended up getting admitted to Christ hospital (the same place Amelia
was born, and in almost the same room too) for testing. Likely
culprits? Appendicitis or ovarian cyst.

Turns out she has... Wait for it... BOTH! A twofer. Fan-diddly-tastic.

So now, one day and an appendectomy later, she's resting in a hospital
bed once again. It's all frustratingly familiar. We recognize Manu
nurses and we have exactly the same view we had in April. I mean, it's
a perfectly fine view and all, but honestly we're a little tired of it.

As always, there are folks who have it worse. But this is getting
sorta old.

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